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Can I tell my boss that he’s the one causing missed deadlines?

My boss is very inaccessible. I can’t reach him in a timely manner and yet he holds me accountable for completing tasks on time. Can I tell him that a project is late is because of him, or is that career suicide? I can confirm that blaming your boss after the fact that you are late because of him is definitely not going to win you employee-of-the-month honors. Either your boss is super busy, or not very good. Regardless, the responsibility is yours to help your boss be successful. Talk to him about his preferred method of communication for progress reports. Some bosses are formal and others much less so in terms of receiving updates, so establish the way it works best for your boss. Also enlist the help of the boss’s assistant. Let him or her know the deadlines — which should never be tight — for when you need feedback and direction from your boss so that they also have time to plan and manage the workflow. Provide regular updates and flag the status of projects. That’s what bosses expect from their best employees. If federal law provides exemptions for vaccine mandates for religious reasons, how can New York state say they aren’t going to honor that for healthcare workers? Excellent question — one that many healthcare workers have asked, and even brought to court. However, the Supreme Court refused to block the mandate because of the unique role that healthcare workers play and the fact that mandates for other vaccines are already in place. At this point, roughly half the states in the country have vaccine mandates and the other have legislation blocking such mandates. So, we are definitely a country divided. The virus, however, doesn’t seem to honor the mandate or recognize geographic boundaries, breaking out wherever nature takes it. With all of the money the government has doled out during the pandemic, it seems political and punitive to deny people unemployment benefits who lose their jobs because they are unvaccinated. In my opinion, that has to change. Gregory Giangrande has over 25 years of experience as a chief human resources executive. Hear Greg Weds. at 9:35 a.m. on iHeartRadio 710 WOR with Len Berman and Michael Riedel. E-mail: Follow: and on Twitter: @greggiangrande

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