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I was called a ‘piece of crap’ in a text from a hiring manager

Oh, crappy day! A New York job applicant was left feeling dumped on after receiving a bizarre message from a hiring manager who labeled her a “piece of crap.” A TikTok video detailing the rude response currently boasted over 869,000 views as of Wednesday morning. “I applied for a job and this is how they respond back,” read the caption to the clip, which was posted by user Jasmine on Saturday. It appeared as if the hiring manager was following up on an employment inquiry by the TikTokker, although she never specified the nature of the gig. “Hey Jasmine, I’m just following up on our paperwork appointment from Monday, are you still interested in the position you piece of crap,” the response read. Per the accompanying description, the job contact has since attributed the poopy pejorative to a typo, however, Jasmine isn’t buying her excuse. “They really had the nerve to say it was a ‘misspelled word,’” she wrote. However, the TikTok commentariat insisted that it was probably a transcription error by the iPhone’s notoriously finicky voice texting function — especially as the rest of the correspondence was overwhelmingly positive. “I bet they were using voice to text,” theorized one amused viewer, while another wrote, “I guarantee you she was using voice to text while driving or working or whatever and something went wrong. There’s no way she was referring to you.” Either way, viewers deemed the supposed scatological slip “the funniest thing they’d ever seen.” Alleged text mishap notwithstanding, Jasmine wrote in the comments that she ultimately turned down the job as it only paid $14 per hour. In a far more egregious correspondence calamity in July, a Michigan woman received an accidental email from her prospective employer, in which he described her as “not that cute.” The bosshole then tried to save face by posting an uproarious, crocodile tear-splattered mea culpa.

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