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‘Joe Rogan watchdog’ exposes host’s ‘most hateful’ Spotify slurs

The campaign to get Joe Rogan off Spotify is showing no sign of slowing down, with a Twitter user going viral for highlighting the “most hateful things” the polarizing podcaster has recently broadcast on the streaming platform. Alex Paterson — who describes himself as a paid “Joe Rogan watchdog” — shared seven clips of the 54-year-old making off-color comments during podcast interviews with various guests. Paterson posted the “Joe Rogan Experience” clips to Twitter on Monday — just days after Rogan was forced to apologize for other, older footage that featured him using the N-word. As the cancel culture buzz swelled, Rogan claimed he hadn’t used that racial slur “in years,” but Paterson says Rogan has made plenty of other racist, sexist and transphobic remarks on his podcast much more recently — and he has the receipts to prove it. “I’m seeing a lot of Joe Rogan’s worst comments from the 2010s circulating. I get paid to listen to his podcast [by Media Matters] & want to remind people that he hasn’t changed,” Paterson posted. “Here are some of the most hateful things Joe has said in the past year and a half.” I’m seeing a lot of Joe Rogan’s worst comments from the 2010s circulating. I get paid to listen to his podcast @mmfa & want to remind people that he hasn’t changed. Here are some of the most hateful things Joe has said in the past year and a half. THREAD/— Alex Paterson (@AlexPattyy) February 7, 2022 He then shared the series of clips, including one from last month in which Rogan claimed Angelina Jolie was mentally disturbed. “Crazy p—y is the best p—y … She’s clearly crazy,” Rogan stated. The podcaster later learned that the actress had been diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, leading him to state: “She’s got Bell’s palsy? That’s the problem with crazy, dude. Crazy comes with all sorts of neurotic s–t.” Paterson also posted a clip from a Rogan podcast recorded in October last year, in which he says people who find jokey comments about “Asian accents” offensive are “retarded.” “You can’t say [that]!” his podcast guest responds, to which Rogan quips: “But I’m on Spotify. You can get away with it.” see also Another video shared by Paterson shows Rogan imitating people who speak Mandarin, while an additional clip features him laughing as a guest puts on an Asian accent. “You can’t even do that anymore, that’s racist!” Rogan is heard saying in the video. Paterson accused Rogan of transphobia for lamenting in an episode from October 2020, “You can’t say [the word] tr—y anymore.” Meanwhile, a clip from August 2021 also features Rogan discussing trans people. “Transgender people, it’s clearly a real thing … It’s existed throughout history. There’s always been people like that,” he states. “What [author] Douglas Murray was saying is that some of them [in contemporary society] aren’t really that. They’re just latching onto this need to get attention, or to be special, to stand out, to be a victim.” The Post has contacted Rogan’s rep for comment on the viral Twitter thread, which has sparked tens of thousands of reactions, retweets and comments from posters arguing for and against the host’s controversial bits. see also Spotify has removed 113 episodes of Rogan’s podcast from its platform, but a number of those referenced by Paterson still remain on the streaming service. Rogan has been in the headlines for the past two weeks, after Neil Young and several other artists demanded their music be removed from Spotify because they did not want to be associated with the podcaster. Young accused Rogan of spreading misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines on his show after he featured several guests who discourage people from getting the shots. Rogan pledged to “do better” and present arguments from both sides, but that hasn’t placated his critics, who are continuing their quest to have him booted from Spotify, which paid Rogan an estimated $100 million in 2020 to host his podcast.

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