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Kaley Cuoco: ‘I just got b–ch slapped by Sharon Stone’

Kaley Cuoco is back for Season 2 of her hit HBO Max show, “The Flight Attendant,” and there’s one star who is joining her in the spotlight: Sharon Stone. The “Big Bang Theory” star, 36, looked back on working with the Oscar nominee, 64, telling Jimmy Kimmel about some “very intense scenes.” As it turns out, the “Basic Instinct” got handsy with Cuoco and slapped her several times while filming. “[Stone] was a fan of the show. She loved Season 1 and heard we were casting my mom and she called casting herself and said, ‘I’d love to do this,’” Cuoco said on Monday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” “And casting said we had a voicemail from Sharon Stone…I was like this can’t be real and found out it was,” she added. Cuoco noted that the scene where Stone smacked her across the face was improvised. “I think one of our scenes was like 10 minutes long and very emotional,” she continued. She stated, “There’s a lot of crying. Before we started the scene, she sat me down and said, ‘Hey, how do you feel about me touching you in this scene?’ I said, ‘Whatever you want to do Sharon. You are Sharon Stone. You do what you want to do. I’m just so happy you’re here.” She goes ‘Great.’” The “Wedding Ringer” actress said that the two did the take and it was a “very long emotional scene” and at the end of the scene, Stone was only supposed to come up to Cuoco, say her line and walk out. “She’s supposed to say ‘I like you but I don’t love you very much.’ She says this line to me and she grabs my face and she whacks me,” Cuoco said, adding that her reaction was “about as real as you could get.” But the “Casino” alum immediately came back and apologized to Cuoco, exclaiming: “Oh my God, I love you. I didn’t mean to do that it felt right for the scene!’” “I’m like, I just got b—h slapped by Sharon Stone,” Cuoco joked. She then told the cast and crew of the show to not mention the slap to Stone because she didn’t want to be hit by her a second time. “I’m gonna bet money that woman isn’t slapping me again. We got the money take,” Cuoco recalled saying to her producers. However, Stone came back and whacked Cuoco again — and again. Once the third take rolled around, the California native wasn’t happy with the mother of three bopping her again. And yes, Cuoco confirms those slaps have been edited into the upcoming episode. “I’m like, Sharon Stone’s not going to slap me a third time. We got it. [The camera] wasn’t even on me the last take,” she quipped to the talk show host. Despite the repeated smackdowns between the two women, Cuoco is still grateful for the experience of working with Stone and praised her “incredible” acting skills. “She was one of the most wonderful people though. It was as real as it could get,” Cuoco said. Season 2 of “The Flight Attendant” drops on HBO Max on April 21.

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