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Sign-up form at Soho House asks new members to choose from 41 pronouns

Soho House — known for its posh hotels, spas, bars and lounges around the world — is lately becoming known for its faster-growing collection of pronouns. New members who create a profile on the private club’s app are prompted after entering their names to also enter their pronouns — and are asked to select four that they prefer from a list of 41 options. Apart from the conventional he/his/him and she/hers/her, users can of course select the gender neutral they/them. But some newbies were surprise to see dozens of other options that stretched well beyond their English vocabulary. Among those that looked like something closer to Klingon: co, cos, e, eir, em, ey, fae, faer, mer, mers, ne, nee, ner, ners, nir, nirs, per, pers, thon, thons, ve, ver, vi, vir, vis, xe, xem, xyr, ze, zie, zir. “It was hard for me to navigate 31 flavors of ice cream at Baskin Robbins when I was a kid,” one recently accepted member who was baffled by the list told The Post. “The idea I have to pick from 41 pronouns to be a Soho House member seems a bit excessive.” For now, there is an option to “skip” the screen asking for pronouns. Still, some members questioned the focus given the health of the club’s business. Shares of its parent company, Membership Collective Group, have crated during the pandemic, dropping nearly 30 percent since their July debut. “If they spent as much time worrying about their share price as they spent worrying about their pronouns, maybe I wouldn’t have lost so much money,” one member lamented to The Post. Other members were less surprised about the move and called it strategic for a company like Soho House. “It probably makes sense for Soho House because their clientele is mostly a bunch of woke people,” one current member chimed in. Annual memberships to access the Soho House global locations is $4,191.69 — and the initiation fee is $680.47. Of course, that’s just the price of admission. The cost to stay at the attached hotel typically ranges from $400 to $1,000 — and the price of a cocktail is north of $20. To be sure, ritzy members clubs in New York, Miami and London — like Zero Bond, Casa Ciprian, ZZ’s Club, and Annabel’s — have focused on cultivating a diverse group of members but apparently have sidestepped asking for anyone’s pronouns. The Soho House didn’t respond to The Post’s requests for comment.

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