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Zodiac compatibility: the signs destined for love this Valentine’s Day

“In love there are two things: bodies and words.” says Gemini and famous American author Joyce Carol Oates. Indeed, when astrologers look for love, we cast an eye at the heavenly bodies that inform attraction and attachment. Consequently, the interaction and angles of the planets within a birth chart influence who, what and why we love. Synastry is the art of comparing the birth charts of two people to determine compatibility and predict challenges. The placement of the moon which serves as our emotional touchstone, Mars, the planet of sex and aggression and Venus, the planet of love and attachment within the birth chart, help divine whether a relationship is rock steady or destined for certain ruin. Beyond the birth chart, a look at your Chinese zodiac sign can aid in understanding relationship dynamics. All signs, like all people, are capable of harmony and discord, attraction and apathy. Further, in my estimation, love is not measured by longevity but in its power to transform the beloved. With that knowledge in hand and with the general scope of sun signs (read for your rising sign too), these are our picks for the most and least compatible couplings in the zodiac. Aries (March 21 – April 19) Filled with fire, Aries falls in and out of love with serious velocity. Exciting and erratic they must find a partner that can sustain their interest while withstanding their flaring temper. Compatible signs include swashbuckling Sagittarius and Libra who can function as a PR specialist for well meaning and bad behaving Aries. Consistent and consistently critical Virgo will activate rather than assuage the ire of Aries. Ideal Match: Gemini Aries is allergic to boring and Gemini, for all their faults, is never that. In terms of elements; airy Gemini feeds fiery Aries. These two will likely talk over each other but never tire of one another. Fatal Attraction: Cancer The hero archetype that lives in every Aries will be initially drawn to the emotionally wounded, outwardly tough energy of Cancer. However, only one of these two will emerge unmarred from the fray and it ain’t gonna be the crab, although they might, in the case of Cancer Carly Simon and ex Aries flame Warren Beatty, come back claws swinging with “You’re So Vain,” an absolute banger of a burn anthem about the relationship. Taurus (April 20 – May 20) In romantic relationships, Taurus oscillates between caution and deep commitment. Guilty of staying loyal when they should be changing the locks, bulls are steadfast and resistant to sudden change. Fellow earth signs Virgo and Capricorn are safe bets for synergy while the look at me energy of Leo and Sagittarius irritates the humble bull. Ideal Match: Taurus When two earth signs collide, hedonism multiplies. Taurus prioritizes, in rotating order, comfort, loyalty, snacks and sex. Two bulls are built to share a pasture, a fact exhibited in the ride or die, blood chugging romance between Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox. Fatal Attraction: Aquarius These fixed signs hold wildly different opinions and share a commitment to defending them without concession or apology, a combination that amounts to a sexual stalemate. Capable of creative collaboration but rarely long standing chemistry, the ballad of the bull and the water bearer was played out most famously by Taurus Cher and Aquarius Sonny Bono. Gemini (May 21 – June 20) Airy and infectious, Gemini rules the third house of communication and data exchange. The mind is the map to the body for these folks who prioritize conversation over carnality. Hot tip: If you want a Gemini to fall in love with you, ignore them. Fellow air signs Libra and Aquarius innately understand the emotional nature of Gemini while the soul baring, scar sharing impulses of Scorpio and Cancer will feel oppressively weighty. Ideal Match: Sagittarius Opposites attract in the case of these two polarities as both are ruled by restlessness and driven by an always hungry curiosity. This match bears the mark of exploration and cerebral communion. While it wasn’t a lasting love it was an expansive union for Gemini Angelina Jolie and Sagittarius Brad Pitt who joined forces for humanitarian pursuits, world travel and good looking brood building. Fatal Attraction: Taurus Gemini will be drawn to the earthly mystery of Taurus and Taurus in turn will delight in Gemini’s beautiful turns of phrase. Eventually however, Taurus will grow tired of Gemini’s short attention span and limited concern for reality. Super social Gemini will feel limited by casserole enthusiast/unapologetic homebody, Taurus. Cancer (June 21 – July 22) Intuitive and emotional, Cancer craves intimacy without boundaries and devotion without question. Ruled by the tide pulling moon, they go all in when it comes to romantic attachments, forgetting at times to stay their own course or come up for air. Compassionate Pisces and caretaking Virgo can speak the love language of Cancer while the free wheeling, socially promiscuous sign of Gemini will threaten their sense of stability. Ideal Match: Scorpio These two water signs share a desire to get deep and a willingness to go dark when it comes to relationships. Averse to surface level interactions, they stare at each other a lot, get matching tats, pledge undying love and display a preference for sex in underground lairs or their childhood bedrooms. Til death do us part is not just a vow but a blood oath for these two, a dedication found in the love story of Scorpio Scarlett Johansson and Cancer Colin Jost and for a spell in the odd but intense coupling of Cancer Ariana Grande and Scorpio Pete Davidson. Fatal Attraction: Sagittarius Cancer is all about the creation and protection of a sense of home and Sagittarius was born to seek strange shores. The rambling of Sagittarius is threatening to the security of Cancer who must go cold turkey on the archer to save themselves. For evidence of this exchange look no further than Cancer Frida ‘I will paint you into my self-portrait’ Kahlo and her Sagittarius husband Diego ‘I will sleep with your sister’ Rivera. Leo (July 23 – August 22) The sun never sets on a Leo and these felines need ample affection, constant reassurance and professional lighting for the nudes they take and sex tapes they make. Generous and gregarious Leo lovers make for warm animals. Their fire is matched by Sagittarius and stoked by Aquarius but dampened by Pisces and thwarted by Capricorn. Ideal Match: Cancer Leo lives for adoration and unsolicited applause and no one is as capable of delivering that kind of devotion like a caretaking crab. So long as the lion gives what it gets in the shape of gratitude, these two have what it takes to make it last. Evidence of Cancer holding it down so Leo can shake their mane can be found in the lasting love between lion Tom Brady and crab queen Gisele Bündchen. Fatal Attraction: Leo You can’t fight fire with fire but you can combine flames into an ego inferno. When these two signs come together the results are fevered attraction, quick burnout and seriously scorched earth as was the case for famous Leo exes Sean Penn and Madonna and Sean Penn and Charlize Theron and Sean Penn and everyone ever. Yet, as Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck prove, so long as their moon signs are in alignment, two big cats are more than capable of making it work. Virgo (August 23 – September 22) Virgos get a bad rap for being perfectionists but in reality they are plagued by the ability to see the potential in all things, be it dilapidated houses, discarded toilet seats or romantic partners. Virgo is well suited for fellow earth sign Taurus and fixed water sign Scorpio while the flitting energy of Sagittarius and Gemini tries their patience. Ideal Match: Capricron These two earth signs share a fundamental value system that prioritizes hard work and earthly delights. The critical eye of Virgo will be delighted by Capricorn’s commitment to mastery. They’re both a lot more fun than anyone gives them credit for and far more depraved than either lets on, looking at you Cap daddy Humphrey Bogart and Virgo Lauren Bacall Fatal Attraction: Aries Virgo might find the impulsivity of Aries attractive and their impatience efficient. Yet, the ram’s short fuse and reckless disregard for their own safety and or personal finances will unsettle the virgin. Virgo trades in order and Aries is chaos incarnate; the proverbial uncrossed t and the one closet that can never be color coded, Aries makes for a maddening match for Virgo. We see this dynamic play out in the acrimonious breakups of Virgo Lala Kent and Aries Randall Emett as well as Virgo Jennifer Hudson and Aries ex David Otunga. Libra (September 23 – October 22) People pleasing and luxury loving, Libra is the sign of partnership, diplomacy and deception for the sake of peace keeping. Libras fare well with other Libras primarily because neither can make up their mind about leaving the relationship. The sign of the scales also pairs well with Aries and Aquarius who push them towards action while earth signs Virgo and Capricorn prove too hard to please. Ideal Match: Aquarius Enigmatic weirdo Aquarius finds acceptance and an intellectual equal in magnanimous Libra. Air signs, the two oxygenate one another in the spirit of collaboration. Aquarius keeps Libra active and accountable while Libra helps Aquarius discern the fine line between madness and genius. A balance struck by Libra John Lennon and Aquarius Yoko Ono. Fatal Attraction: Cancer Attracted to beauty but distant when it comes to love relationships, Libra admires the tidal emotionality of Cancer. Libra feels cold to Cancer and Cancer in turn feels cloying to Libra. The coupling can produce great art if not a stable union, as was the case for Libra F. Scott Fitzgerald and his Cancer muse Zelda or to a lesser degree of art but an equal level of tumult, Libra Tommy Lee and Cancer Pamela Anderson. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) The most powerful sign in the zodiac, Scorpio loves hard and holds on tight. They won’t settle for less than obsession and go to great lengths to preserve the sanctity of their relationships. Scorpio finds security in Cancer and Pisces and suffering in Leo and Aquarius. Ideal Match: Aries The only thing Scorpio craves more than intimacy, insider trading and the tears of virgins is intensity, and Aries, the fire starting first born sign in the zodiac is happy to oblige. These two are both ruled by warrior planet Mars, a distinction that suggests they are willing to go to battle for and with each other, an all or nothing energy exhibited by Scorpio Travis Barker and Aries Kourtney Kardashian. Fatal Attraction: Gemini Flighty and fickle of heart, mutable Gemini befuddles serious and seriously ardent Scorpio. Initially drawn to their effervescence and quick fire wit, Scorpio eventually finds Gemini’s easy come, easy go, it’s not cheating if we’re not in the same time zone approach to love problematic. Case in point Scorpio Katy Perry’s doomed marriage to dandy Gemini Russel Brand. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 1) Idealistic and independent with a propensity for bluntness, Sagittarians are born to roam and are pulled along the unpaved path by the promise of higher learning, unexpected experiences, transcendental sex, philosophical debates and plant medicines. Archers should shoot their shot with an airy Gemini or Aries, the hellion with a heart of gold. Pisces and Capricorn with their standards of accountability should be avoided at all costs. Ideal Match: Leo To quote Spinal Tap, these two fire signs share a commitment to having a good time all of the time. They both struggle with listening but excel at looking good. Kept warm but never tamed by the other, these two fire signs make for a beautiful couple, exhibited in the powerful partnership of the late great lion Nipsey Hussle and his archer partner Lauren London. Fatal Attraction: Virgo Sag will be drawn to the mercurial mind of Virgo but wild as they are, archers require a great deal of praise and validation that Virgo simply cannot muster. Virgo is more inclined to point out opportunities for improvement than moments of glory, a habit that will send the wayward Sagittarius wandering towards more congratulatory company. If these two manage to learn from each other, with Virgo surrendering to spontaneity and Sagittarius employing strategy over impulse, greatness, like that of mogul archer Jay-Z and his iconic Virgo bride Beyoncé, is possible. Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) Capricorn is adept at compartmentalizing when it comes to love. Their guiding principle is that stocks and feelings should be stored until they can deliver maximum ROI. They believe in earning their indulgences and that relationships and financial instability are mutually exclusive. Caps are complimented by fellow Caps and kindred Virgos while they find the three ring fire circuses of Sagittarius and Leo decidedly tedious. Ideal Match: Scorpio In fixed water Scorpio, Capricorn meets their equal in ambition. Capricorn recognizes and relates to the success at all costs, ruthless if need be approach to life exhibited by Scorpio. Both play the long game when it comes to love and are willing to stick through storms for the promise of stability. So long as they gather their forces towards a shared goal there is no more potent power couple in the zodiac. Do not be fooled by the wholesome visage of Capricorn Orlando Bloom and Scorpio Katy Perry, my money says their pillow talk tends towards world domination. Fatal Attraction: Libra Capricorn will be suspicious of the charming nature of Libra. Ever on the lookout for a swindle and with an eye on the bottom line, Capricorn may be the one sign Libra cannot sway. Capricorn’s tendency to push themselves and others to punishing degrees of success will not bode well for Libra who prefers to sit pretty and work minimally. Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) Ruled by structured Saturn and rebellious Uranus, Aquarians feel pulled between maintaining and dismantling the status quo. Emotionally aloof they are prone to role play, god complexes and developing personas that mask their authentic selves. Aquarius can find a partner in crime in another Aquarius or a sounding bored in the rarely silent often inspired Gemini. Taurus and Cancer are likely to find the eccentricities of the water bearer, unbearable. Ideal Match: Virgo Both Aquarius and Virgo share an altruistic spirit and compulsion to leave things better than they found them. For Aquarius that betterment extends to the world at large while Virgo keeps it practical with friends, strangers and every wounded bird in a ten mile radius. Neither will be put off by the others cool detachment, need for a wide radius of personal space and weird dietary habits. Aquarius lends radical vision and Virgo earthen practicality to this odd and oddly complementary pairing. Fatal Attraction: Pisces These two tend to process emotion in wildly different ways; where Aquarius intellectualizes feelings, Pisces absorbs them. Never the less, Pisces is drawn to the avant garde approach and inimitable style of Aquarius while Aquarius appreciates the psychic sensibilities and artistic inclinations of Pisces. A challenging dynamic, this couple can evade doom If Pisces can learn the benefits of boundaries and Aquarius can focus on being present. Proof that working on it can be worth it is found in the pairing of Aquarius Justin Timberlake and Pisces Jessica Biel. Pisces (February 19 – March 20) Pisces are the sort that believe in soul mates and spend a fair amount of time dreaming of theirs, writing either songs, spells or trying to forget or convincing themselves that the mouth breathing narcissist next to them is made of magic. Fellow water sign Cancer is a wonderful match for Pisces while brash Leo and bold Sagittarius operate like allergens to their sensitive spirits. Ideal Match: Scorpio No one likes to go swimming in the deep dark depths like this pair of water signs. The sex will be good because they’re both low key psychic. Afterwards, they can idle the time away by freely discussing past life regression, the poetry of Sylvia Plath and the existence of ghosts. Proof positive that this kind of love knows no bounds and needs no legal binding can be found in famously unwed Pisces Kurt Russel and Scoripo Golide Hawn. Fatal Attraction: Capricorn Like trying to will water from stone, intuitive Pisces will come up dry when attempting to get Capricorn to open up and let it out in a non-scary way. The challenge will attract but eventually deplete the sign of the fishes who will seek warmer waters than the sea goat can offer. Astrology 101: Your guide to the stars Astrologer Reda Wigle researches and irreverently reports back on planetary configurations and their effect on each zodiac sign. Her horoscopes integrate history, poetry, pop culture and personal experience. She is also an accomplished writer who has profiled a variety of artists and performers, as well as extensively chronicled her experiences while traveling. Among the many intriguing topics she has tackled are cemetery etiquette, her love for dive bars, Cuban Airbnbs, a “girls guide” to strip clubs and the “weirdest” foods available abroad.

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